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Epic Games Free Games December 2020 List: 15 Days of Freebies

by Aum Vyas

As the holidays are around the corner, the leakers say that Epic Games is going to do the same as they did the last year, and a couple of months ago they also gave GTA V for free on the 21st of May to its users. Similarly from the 17th of December Epic Games is giving away free games for the upcoming 15 days. Here you’ll find an inventory for the Epic Games 15 days of free games which can be regularly updated, and you’ll also determine the way to get each title per day.

Which games will be free on Epic Games?

You will be able to get a free game per day from the Epic Games store during December 2020 beginning on the 17th. Keep in mind that users will only have 24-hours to get the free game for each day, which is offered by Epic Games throughout December 2020. While we don’t know for sure which titles will be on offer, there’ll surely be some underrated and underappreciated gems, as well titles that have been in your back catalog for awhile. And you can also get Rocket League for free on its store right now. Also, there is a 75% discount on some of the very famous games to take advantage of right now.

The Witcher 3

Here is the list of the free games from ‘Epic Games’ over the days, as per the leaks:

  • December 17 – Dying Light free
  • December 18 – Resident Evil 
  • December 19 – The Witcher 3
  • December 20 – Mass Effect Andromeda
  • December 21 – Assassin’s Creed Origins
  • December 22 – Metal Gear Solid V
  • December 23 – The Evil Within 2
  • December 24 – Far Cry 5
  • December 25 – Fall Out 4
  • December 26 – Borderlands 3
  • December 27 – Monster Hunter: World
  • December 28 – Dragon Age Inquisition
  • December 29 – Horizon Zero Dawn
  • December 30 – Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  • December 31 – Hitman 2 

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