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FauG launch is just “3” days away, everything you need to know

by Ronil Thakkar

FAU-G, India’s homegrown mobile game, is all set to launch on Tuesday, January 26, the 72nd Republic Day. Earlier this week, prior to the launch, the creators of FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards said that the game had over 4 million followers. The pre-registrations of FAU-G are live on the Google Play Store and both Android and iOS smartphones will be launched for the game. With only a few days to go for the game to be rolled out in India for all users, let us take a look at all we know about the new title of the nCore Games so far.

FAU-G was first revealed in September 2020, shortly after the successful Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile was banned by the Government of India. Initially scheduled to be released by the end of October 2020, due to many reasons, the game was delayed by a few months. The first game teaser was released on the Google Play Store in October 2020, with pre-registration for the game going live next month, in November 2020. Soon after the pre-registrations went live, nCore games revealed that within just 24 hours it had clocked over 1 million registrations.



Later, in early January, alongside a more detailed teaser trailer of the game, the launch date of 26 January was revealed. With popular celebrities like Akshay Kumar promoting the game online, as the hype around the game emerged, people were eager to know if the game in terms of gameplay and concept would be similar to PUBG Mobile. This was later explained by the developers, who said that the game would not be a mere alternative to PUBG Mobile, but would be an entirely new game in itself.

In an interview with News18 last year, NCore Games’ Vishal Gondal told everyone that FAU-G will be one of India’s first mobile games to come with storylines influenced by real-life series. Gondal had pointed out that the first stage with which FAU-G would launch would be based on the clash with China in India’s Galwan Valley. He also told them that in a later update, there would also be a Battle Royale mode.

With FAU-G, once it begins to launch its public domain offerings, the producers will try to herald a new age of Indian esports. “Once we get deeper into esports with our game offerings, we will automatically enter the entire arena of managing a gaming community. That is our long term roadmap,” Gondal informed everyone back in October 2020.

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