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Sony pulls Cyberpunk 2077 game from PlayStation Store, offers full refund

by Aum Vyas

After an outburst of complaints and mockery over bugs, compatibility issues, and even health risks. Sony is pulling back the most-anticipated game Cyberpunk 2077 from PlayStation stores around the world. The dystopian-themed title game which was highly anticipated for its release on December 10 which is reportedly one of the most expensive video games ever made, but the rollout has been far from expected.

From the day it was released, users are complaining about the extreme issues they are facing across multiple platforms, but most particularly on the two home consoles. PlayStation and Xbox owners are facing poor performance, with frame rates often going down under 30 and sometimes even till 20fps during gameplay, as well as crashes that would send them to the console’s home screen. The game also had inherited bugs, and glitches across the game world which are causing characters to behave in unexpected ways, making it difficult to play even if you ignore the other issues. The only way to run the game without the performance glitches was to play it on a next-generation console. A PS5 or an Xbox Series X/S can force the game to run better but that isn’t enough to solve the crashing and game code issues. The game currently does not offer a dedicated version for the next generation consoles.

The PC version is relatively better in comparison. While the game has extreme CPU and GPU requirements that far exceed the company’s stated system requirements and therefore the game code issues still exist, unless you’ve got a high-end gaming PC then you’ll a minimum of enjoying playable framerates. When users first complained about the problems with the game, CDPR released a press release on December 14 apologizing for things on consoles and also stating that there will be releasing smaller updates soon than larger patches first in January and later in February. They also asked players on PlayStation and Xbox to refund the sport if they are not happy.

Following today SIE(Sony Interactive Entertainment) released a statement saying they are removing the game from its store until further notice and that players who purchased it already can apply for a full refund. This statement was followed later by one from CDPR, where it said that you can still purchase the physical copy through other stores, and everyone who still has the game will continue to get updates.

The company has set up a special website where customers can submit their request for a refund. You should get your refund as soon as it is confirmed that you purchased the game from the PlayStation Store. However, this may be challenging at the moment as the company is getting overwhelmed with a lot of requests from unhappy customers.

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