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Pokémon World Championship Moved to 2022 at London, Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

by Ashvin Chavda
Pokémon World Championship canceled due to coronavirus

A series of esports championship tournaments, including the Pokémon World Championship, has been canceled in response to the ongoing pandemic. It was the second-ever tournament of the Pokémon World Championship. In the year 2019 Pokémon World Championship was set over $500,000 in awards. More than 8,000 competitors, fans, and spectators were in the event. It’s the world’s top-ranked Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon video game player from almost 50 countries.

The Pokémon Company posted on the official website:

Pokémon World Championship

“The safety and well-being of our competitors, organizers, employees, local communities, and partners continue to be our top priority and is the primary consideration with every decision we make”.

After the report from the World Health government and Public Health England, the company has decided to cancel this year’s tournament and move out the next Pokémon World Championship to 2022, which will take place in London, UK. With the continuous suspension of the Pokémon World Championship, the company is closely monitoring and following guidelines and commend from govt. agencies.

Thanking millions of players, organizers, fans, and professors around the world. The company will recommence to provide support to the online competitive players through news series and many online-based tournaments, as well as support through their partners through Leagues at Home.

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