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What is desync and How can we reduce it?

by Ashvin Chavda

What is desync?

In the game designing, desync is that server issue in which real-time movements of the hitbox didn’t get registered in the server or get registers lately. It’s the most deplored and common problem that gamers encounter. Game developers are rolling out server patches to eliminate most instances of the character moving out of sync in your game and on the live server.


There are two types of desync in gaming.

One is where your latency related to the server is not equal, implying that the packets of data sent to your device have to be put together via the PC. Your PC can lag frames due to latency, issues in tandem with the frame rate. If your frame rate or v-sync is set to static 30 fps your computer usually put the packets together before the frames cannot get put together fast enough due to the latency and packet size.

The other type of desync is when the server you are connected to is transmitting and receiving data at a different rate than your PC, and so there is a Mismatch between you and the servers. The packets of data sent to the game servers or received at your pc and so the packets sent to your computer are not in sync with the data running in live time on the game server. This is usually what we refer to as desync, And it is what causes frame drop in-game. So our characters can appear to move smoothly to make up for the desync.


How to fix desync?

  • Usually, move fax away from a fight and allow the server to resync.
  • By reducing your ping

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