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iPhone 13 may come with an In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

by Shreya Verma
iPhone 13 Touch ID

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, we now have entered into an era where masks are obligatory. Although these masks have been saving us from getting the virus, however, none of the iPhone users can deny the trouble that it is causing them. If you ask why, well, the Face ID isn’t that advanced to read our masked faces. The Face ID didn’t go along with the masks, forcing the users to use their PIN code input to unlock their iPhone. Apple came up with a temporary fix to this by directing the  PIN screen whenever the Face ID failed. As the reports suggest that the company is working on a more permanent solution, we might see it coming into action with the iPhone 13 launch. 

According to Bloomberg, Apple is planning to bring the Touch ID back in their iPhones, maybe with the upcoming models. This is when the users might witness an in-display fingerprint sensor integrated into iPhone 13. The report also includes that the company is testing the in-display fingerprint currently. 

This is not the first time that they have included the Touch ID in their technical devices. They already have launched the physical fingerprint sensor to the power button with the latest iPad Air. Nonetheless, it will remain the highlight of the tablet and will not move to the next-gen iPhones. The users can instead expect the recently launched second-gen Qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint sensor swinging its way in iPhone 13. This second-gen sensor is said to be bigger and faster plus more secure than optical sensors as well as its previous-gen sensors. 

Well, Apple may include the in-display fingerprint sensor, it will certainly not remove the Face ID. In-display Touch ID will be the alternate biometric authentication features alongside the Face ID. the solution will come in handy when the users cannot access via face recognition unlock. Apple first made fingerprint sensors popular with the iPhone 5S which they later swapped with a sensor-laden notch that enabled Face ID. It first rolled out the Face ID enabled back in 2017 with iPhone X. 

Apple engineers are considering the in-display fingerprint sensor as an S-upgrade, whether be iPhone 12S or iPhone 13, it would be interesting to see both the biometric features in an iPhone for the first time. 

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