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Samsung Galaxy A32 Renders Leaked-Quad Rear Camera and 6.5- inch Notched Display

by Rashi Gupta
Samsung Galaxy A32

Samsung’s new Galaxy A32 has been in the news for quite some time. The related renders that have been surfacing online are delivering a sneak peek at the features of this mid-range smartphone.

Recently Steve Hemmerstoffer, creator at voice.com, got access to Galaxy A32. So he excitedly offered some exclusive high-quality renders around this upcoming device from his personal experience.

Samsung Galaxy A32 will exhibit quite a different design from other Samsung smartphones. This is fairly evident from the unique camera setup owned by Galaxy A32. Unlike other Samsung smartphones, Galaxy A32’s camera system is NOT enclosed in a dedicated rectangular module protruding out of it’s back body.

Three vertically stacked cameras directly protruding out of back panel of Samsung Galaxy A32

Instead, it possesses three vertically stacked camera lenses outrightly peeking out of its body up to 1mm. As per some previous rumors, the camera is alleged to have a 48MP primary sensor. A little flashlight sits alongside these symmetrically placed cameras. Yet another distinct feature of Galaxy A32 5G is its flat rear panel. This is a little surprising because Samsung phones usually feature a curved back panel.

Coming to the display department, this V-shaped notched smartphone comes with a circa 6.5-inch screen and a large chin in the lower end. The phone exudes traditional vibes with pretty thick bezels.

Galaxy A32 5G smartphone seemingly measures similar to iPhone 12 Pro Max, around 164.2 mm in length, 76.1mm wide and 9.1mm in height. The phone has a plastic body and a fingerprint sensor integrated within the power button. 

Lastly, know the phone also possesses a 3.5mm headphone jack located at its bottom and a USB Type-C port.

Trademark applications for names of nine smartphones of Galaxy A series are filed

As of now, Samsung has not shared any information about launch date, features or pricing of Galaxy A32 officially. However, it has reportedly filed trademark applications for names of nine smartphones and Galaxy A32 was one of them.

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