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Android WhatsApp Worm Is Infecting Users Contact List

by Mitali Bansal

Messages masked as worm malware are being sent to WhatsApp users. According to a security scientist, WhatsApp clients are accepting writings that contaminate their contact records. The malware is known as “Android Worm” enters clients’ phone as a message and afterward contaminates their contact list without them knowing the slightest bit about it. WhatsApp is regularly utilized by cybercriminals to send such contaminated messages to clients and gain access to user’s delicate data.

“This malware could distribute more dangerous threats since the message text and link to the malicious app are received from the attacker’s server. It could simply distribute banking Trojans, ransomware, or spyware,” the ESET blog read.

Security specialist Lukas Stefanko had found the Android Warm is contaminating clients’ contact records without their insight. Stefanko shared a video clarifying how the malware taints a gadget and stated it as “Android WhatsApp Worm? Malware spreads through WhatsApp by naturally answering a message, In the event when you get a WhatsApp message that peruses, “Download This application and Win Mobile Phone”. This kind of message is sent just once every hour to a similar contact. It appears to be an adware or membership trick but don’t fall for it.

Stefanko clarified that the malware that enters a mobile phone through a message and afterward uploads adware onto your phone. It spreads by sending WhatsApp messages to a client’s contact list without his insight. According to the report, the clients would initially get a message from a contact or an obscure number. The message would request that clients download a connect to win a free cell phone. At the point when you tap on the connection, you will be given the feeling that a Huawei Mobile application is being downloaded to your phone. To cause the clients to accept that the message isn’t bogus, a phony Google Play Page will likewise appear. While the Huawei application looks bona fide, it isn’t accessible on the Google Play Store. In any case, when you click on the introduce button you will wind up with the Android Worm in your phone.

When the worm enters your phone, the same link will be send off to a portion of your contacts once every 60 minutes. And if you don’t check your phone at regular span, you wouldn’t know that a bad link is been send to your contacts.

How To Protect Yourself

The best way to dodge such messages from tainting your gadget is by essentially ignoring any links that you get on WhatsApp. Regardless of whether you get any such dubious message from a known contact, please text that person from a different stage to affirm if the message was sent by him. If you need to download any application, just do it from the Google Play Store.

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