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Best Google Chrome Extensions for Web-Developers and Designers in 2021

by Rajan Singh
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When you have to choose from the endless Chrome extensions available, it’s too much waste of time to keep trying and removing them from your browser. Now and then, new and the best chrome extensions come to the Google Web Store that can ease your daily work. But with so many extension, it’s hard to find the right one which enhances productivity. So to make things easy, here’s a list of the best chrome extensions I personally use for testing the ingredients in a webpage.


What Font

WhatFont is the most helpful Chrome extension I ever found out. As we all know, typography is the essential element of a webpage and a design, WhatFont helps you inspect and detect the fonts and their properties used on any website. Simply hover your cursor on the typographies on a webpage after enabling the extension.



ColorZilla helps you to identify what colors are used on a webpage with its hex code. You simply need to hover at the color you want and upon clicking, the hex code of the color gets clipped to your clipboard.

Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is a full-featured painting and image editing extension for the advanced designer who would like to create stunning images in the browser itself. It has many features for editing any piece of an image before including it in your webpage design.



Sometimes, when the design of the Website is so amazing that its tough to tell what technologies and languages it took to build them. In that case, Wappalyzer browser extension got you covered. This extension tells what all technologies are used to build a particular website in a list format.



CSSViewer is a simple CSS properties viewer. It’s one my favorite tools that tells each and every CSS properties used in a webpage upon hovering the cursor on a particular element. This saves a lot of time and is one of the best tools for web-developers as far as I know.

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