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Elon Musk’s “The Boring Company” is all set to expand all over Vegas

by Rutvi Khamar

The Boring Company is a startup by Elon Musk, which now has become a multinational company. This company builds tunnels and is currently working on projects designed for Loop and Hyperloop-based transportation. Loop systems are made such that it can support autonomous electric vehicles while Hyperloops serving vactrains.

The Boring Company’s Las Vegas project is planned to build underground tunnels for public transportation over the Las Vegas Strip. But now, it seems like the company is planning to expand it all over the city passing from the city’s downtown area as well as through the McCarran International Airport, all supported with Tesla vehicles. The company plans to build an additional loop that connects the properties possessed by Caesar Entertainment.

With this, it would be possible to go from the Las Vegas convention to Mandalay Bay in just 3 minutes. Usually, it takes 30 minutes by surface roads during traffic hours, the reports claimed. The company’s expansion was only possible because of Las Vegas Monorail shutting down back in March due to bankruptcy. According to the rules before, the company couldn’t dig its tunnels in the areas served by Monorail.

The company gave us a shot of its new tunnel rave.

The Las Vegas Convention Centre Loop was set to open by January 2021 but due to this covid-19 pandemic, it was put on hold.

The Boring Company presented its proposal to the Las Vegas city council on Wednesday, with plans to present it to Clark County officials in February of 2021.

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