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Every Feature You Need To Know About WhatsApp Web

by Mitali Bansal

WhatsApp is one the most used App on smartphones and just like that this instant messaging service app has millions of users for its Desktop app and web version too. This WhatsApp extension is nothing but the mirror of your WhatsApp conversation in the phone app and allows you to read and reply to text from your desktop. So you don’t have to use your mobile phones to reply to your client/colleagues while working.

Here is a brief guide on how to use WhatsApp Web and what all WhatsApp features you can enjoy on your desktop.

How to connect WhatsApp to your system 

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Before connecting, requirements that need to fulfill are :

  1. A smartphone. (Yes. You will need a smartphone with an internet connection on.)
  2. A PC or a laptop with an internet connection.

 1. There are two ways in which you can do that and both ways work equally well for both macOS and Windows.

  • WhatsApp Desktop App – to download the app in your system head to whatsapp.com/download and click download.
  • Web Version – If you don’t want to download, click on https://web.whatsapp.com/

2. After clicking one of the above links, it will ask you to scan the QR code from your mobile for that follow this steps -:

  • Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone 
  • Click on settings 
  • Select WhatsApp Web/Desktop 
  • Scan the QR code

Once you have done the above steps, Congrats your system is successfully connected to WhatsApp. But while using you have to make sure that your mobile and your PC or a laptop are connected to the internet. 

Feature of WhatsApp Web/Desktop 

Chat – It allows you to chat with your friends/colleagues from your desktop. So you can keep your phone aside to avoid distraction while working and at the same time can reply to your clients. Just like the mobile app here also you will get the option of sending emojis and GIFs while texting.

Video/Voice call – You can not video or voice call in WhatsApp web directly but WhatsApp a Facebook-owned company had recently rolled out the feature of “Creating a Room” in WhatsApp Web/Desktop where you can invite your WhatsApp contacts for a video or a voice call in Facebook Messenger. This feature is available on both the WhatsApp home screen and in the individual chatbox.

On the home screen – click on the three dots > Click on create a room. wherein in the individual chat box – click on the Attachment icon > select the first option.

Voice Message – You can send a voice message to your contacts in WhatsApp Web/Desktop version too just click on one of your contacts and you will see a voice recording option on the below right corner of the screen. Click the icon and send the message you want to say.

Send Attachments – The biggest advantage of using the WhatsApp Web/Desktop version is you can send documents, photos, videos, and contacts directly from your PC without the hassle of sending email and you would also get to know whether the other person has seen it or not.

For this just click on the attachment icon in the individual chat box select what you want to send whether it’s a document, photos/videos, or contact.

Status Check– The web and desktop version you would only be able to see other people’s status you cannot update your status or check details about who had seen your status from the desktop version. You need to use the mobile app for this.

Message Details – You can Star, Forward, delete and reply to message in WhatsApp Web/Desktop version for that you just have to hover mouse on the message and you would see the drop-down arrow, by clicking on the arrow you will get all the above mention option. 

Block and mute contacts – Like WhatsApp mobile app you can mute or block people from your contact. You just have to open a personal chat box of people you want to block or mute. Then click on their image icon a new tab will open on the screen. Next, if you want to mute that person check on the mute box, and if you want to bock scroll down you will get that option.

Update Profile – You can update your profile here for that just click on three dots on the WhatsApp home screen > click Profile > You can update your profile and bio here.

Change into Dark Mode – For this click on the three dots on the WhatsApp home screen > Click on Settings > Click on Theme > Select Dark mode.

Logout from WhatsApp Web/Desktop – To log out click on three dots on WhatsApp home screen > Click on Logout.

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