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Facebook and Instagram Bans False Claims About COVID-19 Vaccines

by Rashi Gupta
Facebook and Instagram bans debunked false claims about COVID-19 vaccine

As the vaccine for COVID-19 is rolling out in the world, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are getting rapidly inundated with false claims and misleading information about vaccination. 

Various kinds of fake news from the side effects of the vaccine to its ingredients are proliferating on these social networks and misguiding people across the globe. 

Facebook is now taking strict measures against such anti-vaccine posts as they are getting debunked by public health experts. These posts are frightening people without any justified reasons and misguiding them against inoculation.

To combat this dangerous propaganda, the company is augmenting its rules to uproot these false pandemic theories from Facebook and Instagram. The reforms in policy will empower Facebook to take down all the coronavirus misinformation that is posing “imminent” fear in users and reduce the reach of ones that resort to falsehood. 

However, the social media company didn’t specify when it will bring the updated policy into enforcement. It acknowledged that it would not be able to start enforcing these policies overnight. The company also informed that they would constantly update the policy as facts about COVID-19 vaccines continue to evolve.

Facebook is supporting the global public health community by keeping people safe and well-informed. In their recent blog post, Facebook said

We will also continue to help people stay informed about these vaccines by promoting authoritative sources of information through our COVID-19 Information Center.


Prior to this, Facebook was also in news headlines in October 2020 when it decided to ban anti-COVID vaccine advertisements. The company has also previously abolished the vaccine-related misinformation at the time of the measles outbreak in Samoa and the during polio vaccine drive in Pakistan. 

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