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Facebook’s ‘Hanging Out’: a new streaming category for Gamers

by Rajan Singh
Facebook Hanging out

Facebook, on December 1st, introduced a new feature, “Hanging Out” to Facebook Gaming and streaming service. Facebook is widely known for building communities and bringing them closer. This new update makes it’s motive even more strong. The Hanging Out tag allows gaming creators to tag their live stream while they are engaging and talking with their viewers and fans, but not playing a game.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook’s Hanging Out is a new streaming category with a focus on a conversation over gameplay. As the gaming community shares a common passion for games, creators now can hang out with the viewers and fans online, where the focus is still gaming, but their content explores a broad range of formats beyond their gameplay, ranging from art to podcasts and everything in between.

Some examples of what Gaming Creators could expect under the ‘Hanging Out’ tag:

  • Chatting, where the focus is simply interacting with the audience on a given topic.
  • Art, such as painting, drawing or sculpting, cooking, game design, and more
  • Podcasts and Talk shows, Product unboxing
  • Travel and exploration, Vlogs

Facebook has drawn a borderline to prohibit creators and gamers from violating the “Hanging Out” Community standards.

Some examples where Gamers and creators couldn’t tag Hanging Out Tag:

  • Restreamed or unoriginal content.
  • Listening to music or where there is no engagement with the viewers and audience.
  • Watching other videos or movies.
  • Sleeping on Camera.
  • Live streaming an event without direct commentary to the camera
  • Streaming someone’s gameplay.

The content that violates Facebook’s Policy, if tagged as Hanging Out could lead to removal from the programs or other penalties.

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