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Google Maps Next Update: Dark Mode

by Rajan Singh
Google maps

Google maps may soon roll out a ‘Dark theme’ option for android users. Google started testing this feature in 2019 and has released the code as open-source for developers to contribute to the project. Google recently updated the logos of its products as well which is an evolving step towards its global identity.

Google has been teasing the dark theme feature for a long time and has finally made it available for some users for now. Currently, Google Maps has a night feature that works only while navigating to some destination and not for the general UI which they seem to be rolling out widely now in some time soon.

Appearance settings in Google Maps [credits: Redditor /u/BrokenFuckenArm]

Once made public, users can select different modes from the ‘Appearance’ option in Settings. The appearance option will include three standard options: Dark Theme, Light Theme, and System Default Theme which will adapt to the system default theme automatically.

Google Maps does not have a ‘dark mode’ option yet. However, users can change the navigation settings of Google Maps so Maps will always use night mode for navigation. You can enable night mode for navigation by:

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Navigation settings
  4. Under Map display > Color scheme, tap Night

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