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Google Rolls Out Tab Search, Bluetooth Device Battery Levels, New Wallpapers and a Lot More with Chrome OS 87

by Rashi Gupta
Chrome OS 87

With the launch of Chrome OS 87 on Thursday, Google is all set to enhance the performance and boost the speed of its browser. The new Chrome OS 87 is packed with a handful of enticing and valuable features to deliver a better user experience.

The first super helpful feature that comes with Chrome OS 87 is the tab search feature. This feature will list down all the currently open tabs along with a favorite icon, page name, domain, and an individual close button dedicated to each tab. 

Additionally, it will allow users to quickly search a specific tab they’re looking for by typing in its initials in the search. Most of us work on Chrome with multiple tabs open and therefore, this feature will come a lot handy in hunting down a particular tab out of a bunch of active ones.

Chrome OS 87 lets you find a specific tab among dozens of open ones easily

The tab search feature can be accessed by clicking on the circular icon in the top right corner or alternatively, by using Ctrl+Shift+A shortcut. This feature will  arrive first on ChromeBook and later on Chrome desktop browser.

New Tab Search Feature in Chrome OS 87 is present on top right corner

Second feature that comes incorporated with Chrome OS 87 is mainly meant for wireless headphones. The feature allows users to see the battery levels of connected bluetooth devices in the Bluetooth menu or via a notification in the bottom right corner of their screen.

Bluetooth battery levels of accessories can be seen with Chrome OS 87

Thirdly, Chrome OS 87 also offers 36 new wallpapers which are reportedly created with the Chrome Canvas app, mouse, touchscreen, and stylus input support.

Chrome OS 87 offers 36 new wallpapers

Apart from that, some other features present in this updated Chrome version includes easy navigation for multilingual users with updated language settings, support for switch accessibility devices, the provision to rename file and choose storage folder for easy save in Google Drive, and visual improvements during the process of renaming Launcher folders and virtual desks.

According to Google, Chrome OS 87 offers the largest performance gain in years. The company said that this new Chrome will be able to reduce CPU usage by up to 5x by better prioritizing the active tabs. It will consume less power and RAM but will start 25x quicker and load 7x faster. 

Chrome OS 87 will show exceptional performance on Android.

Chrome on Android now loads pages near instantaneously when you navigate backward and forward, making these common tasks super fast.

– Google

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