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Improved Google Search Will Now Suggest Relevant Queries On Top

by Rashi Gupta

Google always strives to offer a continually improving experience to pleasantly surprise and satisfy its users. No wonder, Google Search algorithm embraced numerous advancements over the past years for the sake of improving its search quality.

Recently, Google Search has leveled up again with the addition of the newest language understanding capabilities to better converse with its users. Precisely speaking, users are now armed with new features to better navigate through a topic and enjoy more specific, on-topic search results.

The first new exciting feature will be accessible under the title, ‘Suggested based on your recent activity’. This feature will suggest relevant search queries based on the context of your recent previous searches. 

So as an instance, consider that you search for the term ‘craving’ immediately after searching for ‘turkey’. In this case, you’re likely looking to satisfy your craving for turkey, instead of learning the traditional definition of the term ‘craving’. However, the top search results previously used to slam you with the literal meaning of ‘craving’, even in such cases!

Current search results not taking into account the context of recent previous searches

Quite pissy, right?

Fortunately, Google identified this pain point, and gracefully resolved it. Thanks to the new feature, google search is now more understanding than ever. It has learned to take into account the context of recent previous searches for your subsequent queries to help you explore the related ideas.

So, about the previous example, Google would now suggest an alternate search query ‘craving turkey’ under the section ‘Suggested based on your recent activity’. 

Subsequent search taking into account the context of previous searches

A single click on this suggestion, and boom!!! 

You find exactly what you’re looking for.

This feature will come in handy when exploring solely a particular topic. It can suggest a suitable follow-up query that didn’t even cross your mind but was exactly what you needed. 

Besides that, there is an inclusion of one more thoughtful feature. In addition to considering the context of your search queries, Google will also scan relevant questions that other people ask around the same topic. These questions will be present under the ‘People also ask’ section. 

As stated by Bobby Weber in Google’s recent blog post,

Prior to introducing these features, if you had searched for “how to make a napkin fan,” Google might have helped you discover additional information by showing you similar questions such as “How do you make a cone napkin?” With contextual learning, Google can source even more relevant questions in the “People also ask” section, like “How do you make a turkey out of a cloth napkin?” 

-Bobby Weber

I’m super stoked about these updates and loving the conversational experience Google is serving. 

What’s your take on this? Let me know in the comments below.

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