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New Shades of Google’s Android 12

by Ashvin Chavda
New Shades of Google's Android 12

Developers released the preview of Android 12 this week. It shows that Google has been working on the new thumbing system that can re-colour supported third-party applications. which means you will have a feature similar to dark mode. But you can keep it in whichever colour you desire like rust red, gibberish blue, many more. RRO and OMS APIs were the foundations of the previous versions of Android 11 and they combined it with Wallpaper-Colors APIs and Android’s Palette to deliver a customisable theme that matches the wallpaper. This feature isn’t working in the PDP (Public Developer Preview). The developer kdragOn provided a preview of the all-new Android 12’s new wallpaper-based theming system.

An album shared by the developers of the all-new wallpaper-based teaming system.

Gibberish Green

Organic Orange

Champagne Purple

Ocean Blue

Google wasn’t able to enable ‘monet’ themselves. They mostly understand how it works after digging into Android 12. After speaking with developer kdrag0n, They revealed a bit about how he got it working. In a report, they stated that “ We have enabled the feature after setting a system property. However, it did not affect because DP1 doesn’t contain any system colour palettes. It works by applying RRO overlays dynamically supported color similarity, so they reverse-engineered SystemUI to seek out out how the overlays are alleged to be created. then, They wrote a script to get overlays that supported Google’s official Material Design color palettes. Monet started working as soon because the color palettes were installed.”

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