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Slack For Android Users Should Change Their Passwords Now!

by Shreya Verma
Slack for android


  • Slack for Android has notified some users to change their passwords immediately. 
  • The company was storing some passwords in plain text form.
  • Amidst all, Slack users were advised to clear the app data from their Android phones and devices.

If you are a Slack user operating on Android, it is advised to change the password at the earliest possibility. Android Police reports say that a few Slack users have received a message from the authority suggesting to change their passwords. The emails were sent to the users bringing it to their attention that the company had stored the passwords of some of its users in plain text. As per the report, this practice was continued for a period of a month between December 21 to January 21. The problem occurred from the end of the company but, later, they confirmed that it was resolved. 

The prompt actions also stated that no data breaching happened and the users who were affected, their accounts are still secure and intact. The users who signed in to Slack for Android using the Slack Magic Link are assured that their passwords are safe. The affected users were also advised to clear the app data on their Android phones where the password could be saved to avoid any adversity.

If you suspect similar odds, here is what you can do:

How to Change Slack Password?

  1. Sign in to your Slack account using this link. 
  2. If the Slack client does not open, continue via the browser.
  3. Click on the profile image > More button > Account Settings.
  4. Change password.

It is advisable to enable 2FA (two-factor authentication) to boost your account security. 

How To Clear App Data On Android? 

  1. Open Settings on your phone and go to Apps. 
  2. Select Slack’ from the list and click on Storage. 
  3. Select the option of clear the app cache and app data.

Before you do so, remember to backup all your important data. 

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