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Spotify to launch story feature after introducing Canvas

by Rajan Singh

Spotify is helping artists by developing new features and upgrades to get the fanbase and draw more listeners in. Spotify is launching a new upgrade with a ‘stories feature’ officially named “Storyline” to its smartphone and desktop apps through which music artists could be able to share short clips to their songs.

Spotify recently added access to Canvas by adding a new SoundBetter category which is the world’s premier music production marketplace where singers, producers, songwriters, session musicians, and mixing and mastering engineers can buy and sell the collaborative services that make music come to life to connect musicians and artists, with a curated community of visual artists. In simple terms, music artists could add a short looping visual(3 to 8 seconds) to each of their tracks on Spotify which will play as a loop in the background of the ‘now playing screen’. The visuals will even appear upon sharing the track on Instagram Stories too making your Instagram game much more artistic.

Spotify Storyline

You can check the storyline feature on the freshly updated playlist, “Christmas Hits”, where you can see stories from artists like Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Lopez. Currently, Spotify is testing its storyline feature with some selected artists in some selected regions. There’s still no official report that Spotify may enable users to upload and share their stories or ‘storyline’ to their favorite songs.

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