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Telegram Update coming with new features luring WhatsApp users to switch

by Shreya Verma
Telegram features 2021

Platforms such as Telegram and Signal are seeing impressive popularity following WhatsApp’s controversial policy changes. Recently, Signal added some new features, luring users to switch their preferences from Whatsapp. Subsequently, Telegram also brought new features to its app. As per the reports by TestingCatalog, Telegram’s new features include QR code-based invite links, content reporting, and widget support. Well, these features are seen in the latest beta update for now, but will soon be available for the public in the upcoming Telegram update.

Code-based Invite Links

Credit: TestingCatalog

The new features of Telegram will now support time-limited group and QR code-based invite links. Previously, these features were witnessed in the macOS beta of the app. These code-based invites can be made time-limited through the settings menu in the new Telegram update. 

Content Reporting

Credit: TestingCatalog

Thanks to the new features, users can now report a message through its content reporting for group messages. It allows them to tag the message as spam, violence, child abuse, pornography, etc. 

Telegram widgets

Credit: TestingCatalog

Users can also add a telegram widget on their device’s home screen. Two sizes will be available for the same –  a small 2×2 sized and a bigger 5×2. The small 2×2 widget will contain four group chat icons that will come with notification bubbles. While the 5×2 widget shows chat-previews along with the icons. These previews can be from the most interacted chats, channels, or groups. However, the users can customize the widget according to their convenience. 

Message auto-deletion

Credit: TestingCatalog

The updated features will also include added support for the auto-deletion of messages. These options will be available only for the group admins.

Although, these features are only available for the latest beta version. Thus, you cannot get it on Google Play Store. You can still check out them via downloading the Telegram v7.5 beta APK. 

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