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Top 5 spy apps for Android smartphone

by Shreya Verma
Spy Apps for Android

People use spy apps on their phones for various reasons. Maybe they want the app to keep track of their phones or their loved ones. In simpler terms, these spy apps for android work as smartphone surveillance software. These spy apps for android phones can track incoming and outgoing phone calls, SMS, and locations. Apart from the basics, the software or the application can also track browser activity, and messages from applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Some of these are called hidden spy apps for Android, which simply means that they stay undetectable or hidden to the end-users. 

If you are installing any hidden spy apps for Android on anybody’s smartphone, it is ethical to inform them about such installations. Otherwise, defying their consent may not be termed right. 

Listed here are the top 5 best spy apps for Android. A few of them are free, while other apps are paid ones.  



mSpy is built with all the advanced spying metrics that can make smartphone tracking easy. Install mSpy on the target device to track everything. For instance, GPS or location tracking to know where the person is all the time, detailed call monitoring to keep a tab on all the incoming and outgoing calls. Via their social media tracking, you can monitor the Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts on the target device. Along with all the activity tracking, mSpy gives you all the useful insights so that you can make informed decisions. 


  • Encrypts and protects data.
  • Works in background mode.
  • Multilingual support.


Cerberus is a spy app for android phones that is used for personal purposes. This application can effectively help you to find a lost or stolen smartphone. There are some additional features as well such as the photo capturing of the potential thief, tracking the phone on a map, SMS commands, format data from the phone or lock it. These features are not available to track someone else’s phone, but you can spy on your phone thief for sure. The price for a Cerberus subscription starts with a minimum of $5 onwards. 


  • Remote control it via SMS command.
  • Backup data from your phone.
  • It also supports android wear devices for easy tracking.


FlexiSPY is known to be one of the best spy apps for Android because its features are advanced compared to other applications. For instance, the application can turn on your stolen phones’ microphone to listen to the device’s surroundings, keylogging, monitor chat apps, remote camera capture, and so on. FlexiSPY is not available on the App Store, but you can download it from the official website. Speaking of price, it is way higher than other hidden spy apps for Android ranging from $99-$199 per 3 months. 


  • Has Parental Control Software.
  • Allows the users to uninstall or deactivate the software remotely.
  • Activate to hidden mode.
  • It allows the user to send remote commands from the web.

Google Family Link

Google Family Link is for parents to track kids through a Google account. With this spy app for phones, you can view activity on your kid’s device, manage or recommend apps. So, if you are looking for a free app that is decent with basic features, Google Family Link is your solution. 


  • Helps to track the screen time.
  • Allows managing the apps your child phone that they can use.
  • Aids you to create healthy digital habits.

Find My Device by Google

Find My Device by Google is the best spy app for Android to track your stolen smartphone. You can see the location of your smartphone on the map. The additional features allow you to wipe off your data from the phone. The victim can also ring it, or secure the device by remotely locking it. It is a free app for use. 


  • Format your data from the stolen phone.
  • Track your phone on the map.
  • Secure it remotely.

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