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Twitter Is Back With Their Blue Tick Verification Process With A New Policy

by Shreya Verma
Twitter verification process

Twitter stating how important it is to express ourselves and truly understanding the one in conversation, announces that they are restarting the verification process from Friday, January 22. By verification, we mean that from 22nd user accounts can opt for getting the blue tick mark again. Back in 2017, Twitter paused its verification process. The reason for which they paused was that many people thought it to be arbitrary and confusing. Later, they deprioritized the work on verification to maintain the integrity of the public conversation. This was deemed to keep critical moments like the 2020 US election intact. They also confer that there was certain unclarity as to who can be verified or why an account shall be unverified and on the overall concept of ‘verified’.

Backing with the thought, Twitter is now building its verification policy laying down the foundation for future improvements. The policy includes everything from defining what verification means, who is eligible for verification and why some accounts might lose verification. Starting with who is eligible, Twitter has named six kinds of accounts that can get the blue tick conditioning that they must be notable and active. The eligible accounts are:

  1. Government
  2. Companies, Brands, and Non- Profit Organizations
  3. News
  4. Entertainment
  5. Sports
  6. Activists, Organizers, and Other Influential Individuals

To get further information and a detailed view of the definition, click here

Overviewing the criteria, people have also suggested Twitter add more to the list including academics, scientists, and religious leaders. Thus, we may see the addition of some criteria later in the year. Recognizing many accounts on Twitter that shouldn’t be verified, they have also defined the grounds of either denying the accounts for getting verified or taking down the blue tick against the username. The inactive accounts or those with an incomplete profile are at the risk of losing their verification. One can lose the badge if they change their username as well. If Twitter doesn’t recognize the accounts in the same position as when they received the badge, they may take it down in no time. For instance, elected government officials leaving the office or the designation or when the accounts don’t match or violate Twitter Rules. Good that this violation of Twitter Rules will be assessed case-by-case and not just automatically. 

As far as the procedure of applying for verification is concerned, Twitter will be relaunching its self-serve application portal for the public so that the accounts can get on with the application. The process will involve a lot of documents or supporting materials asking the applicants to confirm their identities along with selecting the category for verified status. Those who have lost the badge can also appeal for it. How? The accounts have to agree with the terms and conditions of Twitter and make the required changes before January 22. As they have already sent emails and alerts via in-app notifications to accounts who are on a verge of losing the blue tick. They have taken this step to avoid automatic removal of the badges and informing the account owners about the asked changes. 

What about the accounts of people who are no longer living? Well, Twitter is not planning to automatically remove the badges from the accounts. Rather, they are working to memorialize these accounts in 2021. Nevertheless, Twitter is planning to provide more ways for people to help identify themselves on the platform other than just the blue tick badge. This can be done with new account types and labels. We have to wait for the company to talk back more on their moves. 

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