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What is Gyroscope? What is the use of Gyroscope in Mobile Gaming?

by Ashvin Chavda

What is Gyroscope? What is the use of Gyroscope in Mobile Gaming?

The gyroscope is a device that consists of Gimbel, Spin axis, Rotor, and Gyroscope frame, used for maintaining orientation. It is a spinning wheel in which the axis of rotation is free to assume any orientation itself. Gyroscope is used for automatic piolets on aircraft and ships.

Resting gyroscope

But what does a gyroscope has to do anything with gaming?

The gyroscope is a feature in mobile games that helps the mobile players with lateral and up-down movement while not affecting the fingers to maneuver the player on the screen manually. So, the sport uses the rotating mechanism, that optimizes screen orientation with the mobile’s physical movement.

In the mobile gaming industry, PUBG mobile is the most hyped game. PUBG mobile is one of the toughest mobile games to master, but also the easiest game to understand. Players need to have good control over their movements and even better aim to shoot down enemies at close range or long range. To make handling of weapons easier and control the recoil of guns. The games use the embedded gyro sensors that help in the lateral up and down movements. Players can customize the sensitivity as per their comfort and use the feature as an advantage for their gameplay.

The gyroscope sensor optimizes the orientation of the screen along with the physical movements of the device. Here are some of the settings for PUBGM that you can use.

First you have to enable it by setting Gyroscope to Always on
you can either use these values or set according to your preference

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