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WhatsApp to make shopping even easier with its new “add to cart” feature !

by Rutvi Khamar

WhatsApp after successfully launching its new in-app payment feature is all set to launch a new add to cart feature for the business account. 

They launched this feature to make their platform even more interesting for shoppers, this new feature enables the users with an easy shopping experience. With this, you can browse through the catalog to add multiple items from one merchant. This will work in conjunction with the already existing catalog feature. This feature will be globally available very soon.

WhatsApp was already known for encouraging small local businesses, so this would be a treat to them. Over more than 175 million people used the service to text WhatsApp Business accounts each day as per the reports. WhatsApp Business had over 50 million users worldwide.

How to use this new feature :

Step 1 Open WhatsApp and go to the business account that you are a part of.

Step 2 Browse the catalog provided by the business account  and look for the products you are interested in.

Step 3 After deciding what to buy, tap on the ” add to cart ” button.

Step 4 You can return to the catalog to add more items to your cart, you wish to add. ( You can also remove any item from your cart)

Step 5 Send your cart to the respective business service to place your order.  

You can directly pay the owner with the help of WhatsApp’s new payment feature via Unified Payment Interface (UPI). This feature is already launched in India. For this, you don’t need any digital wallet, the transaction occurs directly from the bank account that you have linked.

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