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WhatsApp’s new technique to remind you about its privacy updates

by Mitali Bansal

Recently, when WhatsApp reported its refreshed security policy, it confronted a ton of negative reactions from its user. There was a great deal of misunderstanding and confusion in regards to the new changes in the privacy policy. At the point when the organization originally announced the new privacy policy, it informed that the user needed to acknowledge the security policy by February eighth or they wouldn’t have the option to utilize the application. The organization later delayed this and reported that clients would be offered time to understand the policy and the last date to acknowledge these progressions will be May fifteenth. Presently, in another blog entry, the organization talks pretty much all the input it got and how it will make it simpler for the users to comprehend the changes.

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The blog entry expresses that the organization has understood the confusion that their users were having regarding the update and has also tried to understand the problem as a whole by investing virtual energy with users from different corners of the world. It has been discovered that the users were worried that WhatsApp would tune in or read individuals’ private discussions, and offer private information with Facebook. Nonetheless, that is not what WhatsApp will do and it has imparted this better with Status refreshes that can be seen by all users. It additionally anticipates including more data inside WhatsApp that individuals can access whenever needed.

Soon some WhatsApp users will begin to see a banner that welcomes them to look at the privacy policy. Rather than a full-screen alert, users will be made aware of the adjustments in a subtle way. The banner would create it so that individuals can review the adjustments at their pace. When the D-day draws nearer, the organization would remind clients to acknowledge the update to continue to utilize WhatsApp. The blog entry says that WhatsApp ensures its user’s protection and security.

The organization additionally explained how chats with businesses on WhatsApp work, and how it brings in the cash. Essentially, WhatsApp will charge the business an expense to give client support on the application. Some of these businesses would likewise incorporate the Facebook network to manage target customers across the two applications. The entire data is given straightforwardly on WhatsApp allowing users to decide whether they want to chat with a business or not.

WhatsApp is likewise mindful that loads of its users are leaving the application for others with better security highlights. To this, the organization expresses that if an application doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption, it has access to its messages. It urges its users to take their time as necessary to comprehend their new privacy policy and confirms that WhatsApp will not have the option to read or share any private information of their users.

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