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Xiaomi reveals ‘Air Charge Technology’ that can remotely charge your smartphone

by Ronil Thakkar
Xiaomi Air Charge Technology

Just a few years have passed since wireless charging became a standard on flagship devices. Now, with a report that it can charge devices “Mi Air Charge Technology” Xiaomi announced “within a radius of several meters” Physical obstacles would not impact the charging capacity, according to the Chinese tech giant. Also, it can be used at 5W simultaneously to charge several devices.

The company has achieved true wireless charging using a “self-isolated charging pile” that has “five-phase interference antennas built-in” that transmits millimeter-wide waves to the smartphone. These antennas would be able to reliably detect the smartphone’s location.


The smartphones need to be fitted with Xiaomi’s miniaturized antenna array at the receiving end with “beacon antenna” and “receiving antenna array” built-in. The beacon antenna will relay information about the location of the smartphone, while the receiving antenna will transform “the millimeter-wave signal emitted by the charging pile into electric energy through the rectifier circuit”

The company is working to develop the Mi Air Charge Technology, Xiaomi Global CEO Lei Jun announced. There is no news about when the company is going to release the latest technology since it was a prototype, and before it enters the market, there are different factors to be considered.

However, once operational, this will result in more devices that fully embrace wireless charging. It is likely that not only smartphones but smart home appliances such as smart speakers, lamps, and others would be restricted to the technology.

Earlier, other firms, including Energeous, made announcements at CES about genuine wireless charging, but the goods have not yet reached the market.

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